Seth W. Robbins, MD, MPH

I hope this web site will give you an understanding of the types of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and consultation to organizations and leaders that I offer, and some perspective about my work and the ways in which I might be helpful to you.

Psychological insight and self-knowledge are essential for our health and vitality as we confront the inevitable challenges that we meet in our lives as individuals, in relationships, and as participants in organizations of any size.

When we recognize that we are struggling in some way, and not living to our full potential, we are called to work toward a better understanding of ourselves and the nature of our interactions with others.

What is Jungian Analysis?

A form of psychoanalysis for people who seek a deep, integrated understanding of their own psychological nature and of psychological forces active in the world. While it can be very helpful in addressing particular situations or symptoms, Jungian analysis has more ambitious aims: learning to work with your personal history and unconscious nature to bring about more authentic expression of your innate personality. more . . .

What is Collaboratively Structured Analytic Psychotherapy™?

An innovative, intensified type of Jungian psychotherapy that I have developed for the highly motivated person who is seeking a very comprehensive process of self-examination, and willing to do a substantial amount of self-reflective work independently, outside of sessions. 
. . .

Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis

I understand that it takes courage and humility to explore the difficult psychological questions that arise within us, whether the issues are personal or relational. No matter what problem or situation leads you to psychotherapy or analysis, it will be my priority that the issue be sensitively understood in the context of your life history and philosophical or spiritual perspective. It is my hope that you will learn to appreciate the symptom or situation that prompted you to enter treatment as your psyche’s way of bringing your attention to an important and possibly neglected aspect of your life.

My role is to facilitate a deep self-inquiry, supported by my understanding of psychoanalysis, psychiatry, medicine, human relationships and group dynamics. This experience will hopefully lead to changes in one or more of the following areas:

  • improved self-understanding and richness in your emotional life
  • an increased sense of joy, meaning, and fulfillment
  • closer and more authentic interpersonal relationships
  • greater expression of your potential as you participate in the larger society

I work with people in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to address a wide variety of concerns, including emotional or relational issues, philosophical or spiritual concerns, or physical health problems that might be related in some way to emotional health.

I offer three different approaches to psychotherapy and analysis, so that we can optimize the treatment approach to your personality style and needs.


If necessary, I can work with you to determine whether psychiatric medications (such as anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, or sleep medications) might be helpful to you as a part of your treatment, and I can prescribe these medications when appropriate.

Consultation to Organizations and Leaders

Based on the belief that our collective well-being depends on an increase in our capacity to participate consciously and ethically in groups and organizations, I offer consultation services to organizations and people in leadership roles.

San Francisco and Berkeley Locations

I offer psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and leadership consultation in my San Francisco and Berkeley offices, and I offer on-site consultation services to organizations throughout the Bay Area.