About Dr. Robbins

Fees & Policies

Please contact me if you’d like discuss the possibility of beginning psychotherapy or analysis with me, or if you are interested in my consultation services. At that time we can discuss fees and payment questions. 

Payment for Psychotherapy or Analysis

Payments are due at each session, or in advance on a monthly basis. Payment is by check or cash; credit cards are not accepted. If you have PPO, POS, or medical savings accounts it is likely that you would be able to obtain reimbursement for some portion of the costs you would incur in treatment with me. If you request it, I will provide you with monthly statements that you can submit to your insurance company in order to seek reimbursement.

Cancellation policy

I request advance notification at least three working days prior to any cancellations. Late notification or missed appointments will be charged to you in full.

Please note that my practice is limited to adults.