Consultation to Leaders

Effectiveness and satisfaction as a leader depends on many factors including personal self-awareness, interpersonal communication skills, and detailed understanding of group dynamics.

Based on my training and experience as a psychoanalyst working in-depth with leaders in many fields, I can help you to:

  • develop new insight about how your personal history impacts your perception of yourself and your place within the organization.
  • illuminate unconscious biases that impact how you communicate with other individuals and groups.
  • uncover, understand, and contend with dynamic forces that exist within and between groups that you work with.

Combining my approach to Jungian psychotherapy with contemporary theories about leadership and group dynamics can allow us to:

  • work toward full elaboration of your vocational goals
  • fully actualize your skills as a leader, based on the personal values and interpersonal qualities that you identify as most important
  • optimize your ability to implement your ideas as part of a healthy organizational process

The consultation process begins with detailed evaluation interviews, and may involve customized writing assignments and organizational mapping methods to elaborate your history and leadership situation.

Special emphasis is placed on the important interactions that may exist between your individual psychology and the dynamics of the organization you are working within.

Meetings are weekly, in my San Francisco or Berkeley offices.