General Approach to Psychotherapy & Analysis 

Evaluation and Treatment Planning

Treatment begins with a thorough evaluation process:

  • detailed consideration of how your circumstance and concerns developed
  • comprehensive review of relevant developmental, family, social, cultural, and medical history
  • open-minded exploration of any concerns or doubts you may have about entering into psychotherapy or analysis
  • discussion regarding your satisfaction or disappointment with past therapies
  • information will be gathered from past treatment providers, (when relevant, and only after your consent is obtained)

At the end of the evaluation process, we will consider different approaches to therapy, and we will decide what type of therapy or analysis is most likely to suit you and your specific concerns.

Because the needs and style of every person are unique, treatment planning is carefully individualized to optimize the effectiveness of each particular therapy. 

If the evaluation process leads either of us to feel that I cannot provide you with the type of therapy or analysis you need, or if either of us feels we are not a good match to work together, I will try to help you find another psychotherapist or psychiatrist to work with.

When appropriate, different therapeutic approaches can be combined: