Consultation to Organizations and Leaders

The world today hangs by a thin thread, and that thread is the psyche of man.

— C.G. Jung, 1957

Our experiences with organizations and our observations of world events make it abundantly clear that our collective well-being requires more than conscious and ethical action by individuals. Our health and success depend on our abilities as members of groups and organizations to work collaboratively to maintain full awareness of, and to take responsibility for, our shared impacts on members of our own organization, and all others affected by our organizations.

Whether we are inside or outside of the group, we all benefit when the members of a group develop self-reflective capabilities and improve their understanding of organizational dynamics, allowing the group as a whole to synergize the talents and insights of all of its members, and to act with greater effectiveness and integrity.

Based on my extensive training in group and leadership dynamics, and my experience as a psychoanalyst working with leaders in health care, education, public policy, business, and law, I can work with you to:

  • help bring about greater cooperation, creativity, efficiency and productivity within your organization.
  • support the growth of self-aware leaders who can maximize their organization’s success within a humanistic perspective.

Consultation to Organizations

Organizations that develop insight about psychological factors that impact group dynamics can avoid internal conflict, enhance member productivity and satisfaction, and optimize relations with other organizations. I offer customized organizational development consultation that helps members understand themselves as part of an integrated system whose interactions are influenced by shared history, character, conflicts, and defenses. Consultation is designed to promote self-awareness and to teach communication skills that allow the group to welcome the talents of its members, and more effectively express and carry out the organizational vision. Interventions are structured to create curiosity and open-mindedness about group life, which facilitates the integrity and maturation of the organization. read more

Consultation to Leaders

Effective leaders are self-aware, communicate well, and understand group dynamics. I offer consultation to leaders of organizations of all sizes, to strengthen insight and skills in each of these areas. Consultation is personalized to help you define and implement your unique leadership approach and to maximize your contribution to the vitality and success of the particular organizations you are involved in. read more